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Back in 2000, there weren't many amdram web sites around. I was on the Compton Players committee, and suggested setting up a web site for the group - as a computer programmer, I knew what to do. But then I thought, what we really need is a web site covering all the groups and theatres in the area, and so the Newbury Theatre web site was born.

From a small start, it grew and grew, covering an area bounded approximately by the Oxford-Reading-Basingstoke triangle. Eleven years on, it has information for 58 local amateur groups and 23 professional theatres.

It's amazing how much theatre is happening in this area. From September 2011 to the end of the year, there are over 100 different productions listed on the site, and it's a big task keeping it up to date. My favourite groups are those that send me information about their forthcoming productions without me having to ask!

I hope the Newbury Theatre web site will continue to be a useful source of information for theatre in and around West Berkshire.

Paul Shave

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